Tech Off: King of Math vs. Mathmateer

By Ryan Fontaine

It’s probably not a stretch to say that most kids don’t find doing math homework particularly fun. No, that three-letter  F-word is more likely reserved for things that are a smidge less sleep-inducing, like playing video games. That’s where math apps come in. These educational gaming hybrids take learning math, which young students (and adults) may despise more than a trip to the dentist, and cleverly disguise it as just another mobile game they can’t wait to get their hands on.

Two iOS math gaming apps, King of Math and Mathmateer (formerly Rocket Math), vie for bragging rights in TechSchool.com’s first Tech-Off infographic. Is King of Math, with its medieval charm, the undisputed ruler, or does Mathmateer dominate the space with its rocket ship launches and math missions?  Get the vitals on each app and find out which is more worthy of your number-crunching time.


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Tech Off: King of Math vs. Mathmateer

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