Infographic from the Web: High Tech In Higher Education

By Gwen Teckel

Technology is infiltrating higher education, whether it's online study halls, rental e-books or tablets in the classroom. Students -- and some teachers -- want even more technology in academia. This infographic from a sister website digs into how and why students and teachers use, or would like to use, EduTech.

First, let's hear from the students. In a spring 2012 study, two-thirds of students surveyed said they would like to see more netbooks, notebooks and tablets in education, along with more digital content. You might say they want school to match their wired, networked lifestyle.

In another 2012 study, college-age students reported using at least three technological devices every day, and some touched a device almost every hour. Of the students surveyed, 90% said that technological devices, including electronic textbooks, eReaders, mobile devices and tablets, helped save them time when studying.

And what are teachers saying about EduTech? Some academics are calling for more technology at school, especially if all students have equal access to it. The professors in Oklahoma State University's Apple iPad Pilot Program said tablets helped students reach their academic goals sooner. These teachers liked having access to course-specific apps, and they wanted to expand the use of tablets to other classes, too.

A July 2012 survey by the Pew Internet Project showed many believe that distance learning could be widespread by 2020, with a transition to a hybrid blend of online learning and on-campus classes. Some observers think technology could change how professors teach, as they morph from lecturers to coaches (Harnessing the Upside of Technology in Higher Education).

Find out how digital learning may play an even bigger role in the future. This infographic from Online-Education.net unveils how educational technology, from iPads to electronic textbooks, is making a buzz at colleges and universities.


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Higher-Tech in Higher Ed
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