Is an Online Degree Right for You?

By Anonymous

Going to school is great. Courses, classes, library, and the ball games its all so exciting. People drop out for various reasons but there have been several positive innovations in online learning. You may not be able continue your education while running a business or because a regular job is keeping you too busy. An online degree is just the thing for you!

Online courses used to be limited to MBA degrees. Prompted by the success of these courses, universities started launching various other courses in an online format. These days any course that is available in an on-campus mode can also be completed online. Interestingly, its also been observed that an online course has more takers. There are certain advantages inherent to an online degree that has led to its popularity.

  • Online degrees do away with geographical and physical boundaries. Students can choose their institution of choice and work from anywhere on the planet. This in turn saves a lot of time and energy, otherwise spent on the physical act of attending classes on campus and living in an academic environment on a 24/7 basis.

  • Online courses are easy on the wallet too. Conventional degree programs require you to browse through text books and reference material. In the case of online courses, required material can be available online in an electronic format which saves on printing and distribution costs. Apart from this, most online courses come at a price tag which is significantly less than their on-campus counterparts.

  • Online degrees are carried out on much simpler lines. Issues like class size and student teacher ratio have no part to play here. No student is denied entry on account of the class being full. Time consuming activities like registration are now carried out electronically. Even payment of fees takes only a click of the mouse.

  • Another reason online degrees are becoming more popular everyday is on account of their convenience. The wait time is zero. You avoid the harassment of rush hour traffic, crowded libraries and other such hindrances. Students can also schedule classes according to their convenience.  Here is another resource to help choose if an online degree is right for you.

All you need to enroll yourself in the online program of your choice is a personal computer with basic Internet connectivity. All the study material can be downloaded to your hard disk. Additional information is always available on the Net. Program facilitators and guides are usually available online and clarifications can be made through chat.  Please read  Online Course Requirements for further information regarding hardware and other peripherals needed to take an online course.

Assignments are on an altogether different plane in online learning. In campus based schools, teachers already have pre-scheduled assignments and term papers. But in case of a student pursuing a degree online, the assignment can be e-mailed and the teacher can assess the work and respond at leisure. So, in spite of the physical divide, individual attention is possible, and that too to a greater degree.


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